Monday, May 5, 2014


 Our first nice day this year! The kids were so excited they wanted to just sit outside. They were out there for a long time.
 It eventually turned into this great idea. No one got hurt it is funny to see their great ideas come to play.
 Eating cupcakes together!
 Jodi is so fun she always comes up to Tyler or I and gives us a hug saying best buddies! She got it from the movie frozen. It is so cute when she does it.
 Friday Family Fun night! Here are the kids ready for bed watching a movie.
 Yes we did have some nice weather days but it did have to snow one last time! It snowed a ton in April! Got to love Rexburg!
 Cousins eating popcorn together.
 We added a new addition to the family! Yes we are officially a mini van family. This is our Toyota Sienna and the kids LOVE it. They think I am a cool mom :)
 Here is the kids room all ready for a new addition. Crazy how fast it filled up but we love it and are so excited.
 The kids after swimming all in their matching ponchos from Grandma.
 Uncle Andy came to visit and the kids could not leave him alone they had to sit on him and talk with him the whole time! My parents also came to visit for the weekend. We had a good time.
 Uncle D helped calvi build this during General Conference.
 Cousins coloring, Jodi is funny I am always finding her in silly poses as she works.
 Calvin made a lego necklace with his spiderman lego guy and his webs.
 We had Tys family come the next weekend. Here are the kids with Missa before she had to go home for the summer.
 Here is our family with our first family car before we sold it. So many memories in that thing it was so good to us but it was time to move on.
 Aunt Cori found this cool thing for calvin to try on. He thought it was pretty cool. Tyler and his dad made some shelves in the garage for our stuff they are super handy. Robyn helped me with some spring cleaning to get ready for the baby. We had a good time.
 Calvin helping jodi when she was sad. Sometimes all she wants is her brother. They are so good together.
 Another gymnastics day they loved the balance beam. They both got really good at it.
Easter weekend was fun. My family came back to visit for the weekend and we had our fun family easter egg hunt. The kids loved it and had so much fun.
 Uncle Andy stayed an extra little bit to play with the kids at the pool. They all had tricks to show him and could not stop talking about him being there. Jodi is there on the left doing what she loves to do JUMPING!
 More of Calvin and Jodi being cute together. Hopefully they can stay best buddies.
 Calvin found this rock at the library and all he wants to do now it go climb on it when we are there.
To cool Jodi. She found these sunglasses and thinks she is super awesome when she wears them. The kids are so much fun and every day brings something exciting and fun.

Saturday, May 3, 2014


 Best buddies. That is what jodi says a lot it is supper cute especially when she is talking about her brother. She also calls calvin brother and that is cute to!
 Jodi's hair has gotten long enough to wear a pony tail. She wears a headband with it and loves them. She looks so big with her hair pulled back!
 These kids cant get enough of dad time. He is the coolest guy when he is around and he is never alone when he is home.
 The kids like to sit on the heater in the morning to get warm. This time calvi put his cape around jodi to keep her warm it was super nice.
 Jodi just laying around watching some tv.
 There is a gymnastics gym close to us and they have an open gym every week, the kids love to go and do gymnastics tricks.
Jodi loves pink, can you tell?!
 One day we were playing and calvin wanted me to make him a mustache. I made this mustache and he got a few more props and came back to me and said "Hey I am a cowboy and I have a mustache store and I sell mustaches and rope stuff!" This kid is super imaginative.
 Calvin likes to use the computers at the library. He works like dad.
 The kids and some friends celebrating birthdays. They have so much fun together as you can see!
 Birthday cake!
 Jodi and her little baby. She likes to buckle her animals and stuff in with her.
 I had a little project that I did for the baby. Our car seat was a little worn out and so I re-did it and am so excited about how it turned out!
 We got a new bike seat and here is jodi and tyler trying it out.  Jodi just kept saying "daddy go one more faster!!!" Calvi also loves to go for rides with dad.
 A typical day of playing legos!
 Out for a walk in the gardens at the college.
One night we went to check on the kids and this is how we found jodi. She will be a BIG help when the baby comes. She got herself and her baby all tucked in for bed on the floor.

Friday, April 25, 2014


 Jodi is so funny she wants to be just like everyone else. Here she is with her hair in a towel so she could be like mom. 
 Calvin is my sweet boy this month was his birthday I cant believe he is 4 years old! We love him so much. He is such a helpful, goofy, kind and good kid.
 Here he is trying out the skis that my parents found. He was so excited that he could do it, he just shuffled all around. One day we will have to really try it.
 Here is calvin on his birthday. He LOVES legos and he really wanted a lego birthday. His decorations were lego ninjago. He wanted legos and a cape and a king crown. Here he is in his cape pretending to be Darth Vader.

 For his birthday meal he wanted to have cereal. So we got little boxes of cereal and he was so excited. Tyler looks awesome there at the table. He was SUPER sick. He didn't want to ruin calvins birthday so he came down from bed just for the party. The day before calvin asked him "dad are you going to be sick tomorrow? I don't want anyone to be sick for my birthday."
 We had Gma Gpa Tysen come to celebrate.
 Then we had a little party with some cousins and friends at the clubhouse. Tyler just sat on the couch and watched all the craziness.
 He really wanted a pinata this year so we made one. Those of you who know lego ninjago this was Sensei  Wu. He had a lego cake with lego super heros on top. He loved it!
 Singing Happy Birthday. At the end he was so excited he let go of the cake and started clapping. Good thing Aunt Brookie was there to grab the cake!
 Calvin opening presents with everyone.
His king crown and batman pjs and socks! 
The kids love to go swimming. Here they are waiting for us to leave after a hard swim. 
Tyler had a business trip the last week of the month and so my mom was able to come down and hang out with us. We met up with Gpa and we took my Grandma out to dinner for her birthday. All the kids wanted to sit by Gpa. It was a fun month full of birthdays and fun!